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1.  Checks, Money Orders, or Cash must be recieved before
    I send cards.
2.  Checks must clear (2 weeks) before I send.
3.  I send 1 to 3 days after recieving Cash or Money Orders.
4.  I reserve the right to pull cards off the auction at any 
5.  Auction ends at 9:00 PM on December 5.
6.  Money must be recieved before December 19.  I can make other
    arrangements for special cases.
7.  Minimum Bid is $1.00 unless another minimum is specified 
    in parenthesis.
8.  Minimum raise is $.50.
9.  Do not bid unless you seriously will buy the card.
10. You must send a self addressed stamped envelope With the
    protection you wish for your card(s) (if you win of course).
11. I may determine to "sell" a card if a high bid shall arrise.
12. All Bids must be recieved VIA Email. (bottom of Page)
13. All Cards Are Mint Condition Rares!
14. All Cards With bids over $15.00 have a minimum raise of $1.00
15. Any cards (except for the SPECIAL BUYOUTS) may be bought out
    for $5.00
16. AT no time may you extract your bid from the auction!!

Special Buyout Prices!

Cloud City
Captain Han Solo-28.00
Princess Leia-18.00
Lando Calrissian(Light)-24.00
Epic Duel-8.00
Lando Calrissian(Dark)-20.00
Slave 1-12.00

Cloud City Light
Luke's Blaster Pistol-
Rendevous Point On Tatooine-
Gambler's Luck-
Captain Han Solo-
Frozen Assets-
Princess Leia-
Dismantle On Sight-
Punch It!-
Lando Calrissian-
Smoke Screen-
Leia Of Alderaan-
Leia Of Alderaan#2-
Surreptitious Glance-
All My Urchins-
Wookie Strangle-
I Don't Need Their Scum, Either-
This Is Even Better-
Into The Ventilation Shaft, Lefty-
We'll Find Han-
Impressive, Most Impressive-
Beldon's Eye-
Bright Hope-
Off The Edge-
Dark Approach-
Artoo, Come Back At Once-
Courage Of A Skywalker-
Old Pirates-
Bionic Hand-
Uncotrollable Fury-
Higher Ground-
Cloud City:Guest Quarters-
Hopping Mad-
Glancing Blow-

Cloud City Dark
Point Man-
Lando System?-
Focused Attack-
Epic Duel-
End This Destructive Conflict-
Lando Calrissian-
Lando Calrissian#2-
Mostly Armless-
Slave 1-
Captain Bewil-
Why Didn't You Tell Me?-
Mandalorian Armor-
The Emperor's Prize-
Obsidian 7-
Flight Escort-
All Too Easy-
Obsidian 8-
Release Your Anger-
Atmospheric Assault-
Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg!-
Chief Retwin-
We're The Bait-
I Am Your Father-
Lieutenant Sheckil-
Slip Sliding Away- bdfranzman@CSUPomona.Edu(1.00)
Despair- bdfranzman@CSUPomona.Edu(1.00)
Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle- FOR 5.00)
Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle#2- FOR 5.00)
Vader's Bounty-
He's All Yours, Bounty Hunter-
Dark Deal- FOR 5.00)
Cloud City:Dining Room-
This Is Still Wrong-

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