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A preview of possible cards in the upcoming auction!!


Demotion- R2(Light)
Fear Will Keep Them In Line- R2(Dark)
The Cicle Is Now Complete- R1(Dark)
Warrior's Courage- R2(Light)

Fear Will Keep Them In Line- R2(Dark)
Lone Warrior- R2(Dark)
Myo- R2(Dark)
Nevar Yalnal-R2(Dark)
Thank The Maker- R2(Light)
Into The Garbage Chute, Flyboy- R2(Light)
Kitik Keed'kak- R1(Dark)
Admiral Motti- R2(Dark)
Biggs Darklighter- R2(Light)
Physical Choke- R1(Dark)
Affect Mind- R1(Light)
Dark Jedi Presence- R1(Dark)
Obi-Wan's Cape- R1(Light)
Dutch- R1(Light)
Vader's Eye- R1(Dark)
The Force Is Strong With This one-R2(Light)
Luke Skywalker- R1(Light)
Han Solo- R1(Light)
Revelolution- R1(Light)
Skywalkers- R1(Light)
Leia Organa- R1(Light)
Millennium Falcon- R1(Light)
General Tagge- R2(Dark)
Darth Vader- R1(Dark)
Boring Conversation Anyway- R1(dark)
Sandcrawler- R2(Dark)
Tonnika Sisters- R1(Dark)
Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man- R1(Dark)

Luke's Backpack- R(Light)
Location, Location, Location,- R(Dark)

These cards listed above aren't necisserely going to be auctioned off.
I have a lot more rares that I will auction off; of both Dagobah and 
Premiere.  This list just serves as an idea as to the cards that might be in
the auction.


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